Belly Casting?!?

Tiffany • 23, PreMed, Yogi, NewYorker. Expecting-BabyBoy:)
I decided to do a Belly Cast @ 39w and I absolutely Love It! It allowed me to have some bonding time with my older sister and Post casting I got to see a completely different persepective of my baby bump. I never realized how big my bump was until I took the cast off. I encourage every Mom 1st, 2nd, 4th time to do one. I ordered the Proud Body-Basic/Belly Casting Kit on Amazon & recieved it within 3days. My bump is 42in around and I only used 2rolls which made 3layers. (I was a bit nervous babes was gonna come before I got a chance to cast but ?He didn't!)?? Anyways, here's the results! ?