Case of the onions?? Plz tell me whats going on! ?

So lately whenever I cut up and or eat them my vagina literally smells like onion only a couple hours later! Why?? For instance, I was cutting up half of a small onion for the meatloaf I was making for supper tonight and about 6 hours later I realized that yet again, I have an onion smell down there! Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Do u know what causes it? What should I do to stop it? Because I like onions!! But I DON'T like smelling like an onion patch in bed! Its such a turn off lol I know this sounds hilarious, and I've never seen a topic like this on Glow but I need help with this please! BTW- I'm 21 and married, not running around sleeping with dif guys so it shouldn't be an STI ..right? Comments welcome! Thanks in advance ladies ?