Need a little encouragement and luck!

Lauren • Our little miracle Caroline arrived 1/28/15! Thanks glow!
Hi ladies,
Tomorrow is my third attempt at my baby's anatomy scan. She has been hiding in corners and they can't get the pic of her lower spine to rule out spina biffida. I know in my heart she is probably fine, but this has been my biggest worry thus far as I have spina biffida oculta and was worried this would mean she would have it even though I've taken folic acid for years. My tests have come back normal and her cerebellum looks normal shaped so I have no indicators she has the more serious kind, but of course I will worry til I see for myself. You always bring me luck and make me feel better. Will you keep me in your thoughts tomorrow at 8am during my ultrasound? I know it's not uncommon to have to go back so many times, but I've had to worry about this almost 2 months with all the waiting and my heart can't take much more! 
Thanks so much guys! You're the best!!!