Opinions please...?

Ashley • 36, TTC #2...17 years later...lol
My last normal AF was Sept 20th which lasted 3 days and I went through about half a box of super tampons...my next AF was really weird and came on Oct. 16th...lasted about 3 days and I used about 8 liners and it was really brown but just like spotting. I have felt very bloated since about Oct 5th or so. I feel off from normal but just a little bit off. I've had slight cramping up until 3 days ago, mild nausea and mild headaches. I have been temping and monitoring my weight. From Sept 20 - Oct 20 I lost 10 lbs and stayed there...I'm only walking about 15-30 minutes a day. I will post my BBT chart. Kinda new to all this so any advice will be helpful. Thanks.