TMI... What was that?

About ten dpo, I began spotting bright red. It was never enough for even a panty liner, just enough to notice when wiping. I took a preg test on 13 dpo but it was negative. On 19 dpo I began bleeding...heavily. I needed to change super pads every two hours. On 22 dpo I passed a large clot. It was dark red with no white or peachy coloring. Immediately  after, I stopped bleeding and went to dark brown spotting for two days.
I'm pretty regular and have a pretty set pattern when it comes to flow. And my husband and I have been trying again for 9 months now. I've had two miscarriages last year but both had multiple positive tests. I'm confused now. Did I just experience a failed implantation or just a super early / super weird period?
What are your thoughts?