Maggie • Hello my name is Maggie! I am 17 and married to my wonderful husband who is 21! And we are currently NOT ttc! Buddies??
Okay so I just need someone to talk too..my dad just recently disowned me and left my mother I am 17 and married and I stay sick a lot.. And I had to go to the hospital for a cyst that was trying to rupture and tried to get ahold of my father to let him know ..so he calls me back 1 week later and asks me what I wanted and why I was calling him..when I told him about what had happened he said oh I don't care don't ever call me again and hung up on me.. My mom has a new boyfriend who just recently moved in with us..me and my husband are living with my mother due to current living situations..and I feel so worthless and unwanted by my own father..I think I am developing a major case of depression and anxiety and I am starting to develop trust issues with everyone and I am literally scared to death everyone in my life will soon one day just up and leave like he did..any one have any advice or stuff they would like to share?