K • Have 4 kids, and a pup

I feel like I'm being abandoned. Husband has been working long hours and claims he's under a lot of stress at work. Yet when he's home, he doesn't talk to me. We haven't been close in a LONG time. When I let him know how I feel, he brings the conversation to how he feels at work. I can't control what he does at work, or how he feels at work.

He's all the time on his phone. Taking calls in secret, keeping his volume turned down, texting the girls he's suppose to be manager to, and I am left out. He's sooo involved in what is going on in his employees' lives, that I feel like me and the kids don't matter anymore.

I just found out recently, that he's trying to set his dad up with one of his employees.

I feel lost. We used to be close. So close, that we spoke about everything. What happens at work, what we're thinking, plans for the weekends. Now...he won't tell me anything. And when I ask, "I already told you..." is what I get. Unfortunately, no he's hasn't told me. Like the other day, he would have called me or texted me to let me know he was bringing one of his employees' kids home with him...but did he? No, he just showed up with them and expected me to watch them while he went to lay down. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I would have appreciated a little warning. That way I could have had some lunch ready for them.

Now, I understand that sometimes things have to be put "on the back burner" every once in awhile, but does that really mean me too?

My daughter told me last week, " Mommy, I wish daddy could be more like he was before he started working." Thing is he was on his phone, too busy to hear how she felt. I mean damn even the kids have noticed we are no longer on the top of his list.