Never ending period

I had my baby July 4th, my first period started September 13th, I started my birth control that Sunday on September 14th like the directions said, my period ended September 19th. My next period started September 30th and ended October 10th, then I started another period on October 20th, I then called my OB/Gyn and he changed my birth control pills but told me not to start them until I finish the pack I am already taking, I stopped this period on November 1st, I have 3 days left of my current birth control. I started bleeding again yesterday and it doesn't seem like it's going to let up anytime soon. I am so over all this bleeding, I am irritable, moody and exhausted and I'm pretty sure it's from all this blood loss. So I can start the new birth control in a couple days and I am praying that it will regulate me, my question is how long do I have to wait to see if it's going to happen or not?