Family and moving out

My parent have brought me to the point of moving out I will be in a couple of weeks once I get my stuff all together I have not told my parents of it through we have never been close I turned 18 two months ago n I am a senior in high school I have been through a lot I came out saying I was bisexual and they punished me by taking everything away and I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend of almost to two years which she has a child who I was helping her parent even shortly after that I got into a new relationship that is both healthy and happy and 5 days later I was brutally raped(bruises on my neck collerbone n stomach and bite marks) and my parents have given me no support through of any kind n they know I was raped and that I gave up my relationship because they would have kept punishing me for it but I been with my boyfriend through all of this and he is the best thing ever he supports me comforts me n it ok with me being the bisexual that I am n being myself I know if it wasn't for him I would pry be in a manic depression or something but I got my senior award for being on the swim team for my high school career n they didn't even bat an eyelash for it

Years of hard work down the drain in my mind I emotionally have to be done with them because they are doing almost nothing for me emotionally n I am 18 I have the right to be on my own now I gotta take it when the getting it good but idk I almost don't want to tell them or leave them a note because I feel like they need to feel bad about losing me but at the same time I do love them even with they act like heartless people to me any ideas they see me as a child still they won't listen to me or they even just tell me stop talking I don't need you to stress me out I have more important things going on right now any tips will help greatly