When I was 20, 5 years ago, I went to a guys house knowing we were going to have sex. When he picked me up he had his friend with him and I thought that maybe he'd leave or something. The guy I knew and I were in the bedroom in the middle of it and the other guy came in and started trying to do things. I told them no and tried to get myself out of the situation but couldn't. I'm pretty sure they had it planned because the guy I knew asked me a week before if I had any fantasies and if it was to be a 3 some. I felt like it was pretty much my fault because I dragged myself into it. Forward 6 months later and I had to work with both of them. They told one of the bosses I was good so he started flirting with me, and told me he knew what I did with so and so, so I felt obligated to have sex with him because I was really worried about my job. Then a much higher boss started to be friendly, I left. The guy I knew was engaged at the time and I had no clue, nothing in his house pointed to a female, and the other was married. I posted it anonymous because I want to tell someone. I don't want to press charges that part of my life is way over and I hardly ever think about it. Just needed too vent.