I'm so depressed!

My husband is giving up on me. I'm trying so hard to convince him this is worth it! I love him so much. What can I do? Ik guys need space and we have had many problems over the years but we haven't really dealt with it. I'm trying to get couples counseling but it's hard finding a therapist that accept my insurance. I'm feeling so hopeless. He took off his ring saying that he made the decision that we should go out seperate ways. Ik he cares about me and he loves me. Maybe the stress of nursing school is too much and he can't handle our relationship. I think we can work it out. We still live together and sleep in the same bed. Do you think we can work it out? What should I do to make it better? What can I do to make him think more positively about our relationship? The grass is green where you water it. I firmly agree with that. I'm not giving up on him.