Kinda upset. Need advice.

Katy • Katy. 23. Married. Mommy to Liam👶🏻💙
I want advice or opinions or whatever. I'm really upset about what's on my mind. I'm 20. I'm still in highschool. I didn't get all my credits cause I had to take care of my mom cause she was really sick. I really want a baby. My husband said after I get my highschool diploma. But now in really thinking hard about my life. When I graduate highschool. I will be going to college for nursing. Let me just get to the point. I feel like I won't be able to be the mother my kids deserve if I have a kid while going school getting my nursing degree then once I get that. Working at a hospital full time. I just really want a kid so bad. Words can't express how bad I want a kid but I want my kid to have a life he or she deserves. I want to make sure I can support well me and my husband can support our kids and be able to make sure they feel lived as well. I just don't know what to do. I'm so sad to the point of crying. :(