What do you think!

I just want to let it out cuz I feel like I cant tell no one I know... my boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now but since we became a couple he doesn't want to go out with me. For example we use to go to clubs and party's movies or just walk around the mall. But now Idk what has happened I fell like he doesn't want me to have friends or hang out with nobody, not even with him. Like he just want use to be home watch movies but his not trying to have sex with me either. But if he has a chance he would go out to clubs and places like that. Like idk what to think or feel (not because I love him, but I know he cares for me and wants to be with me) its just idk I have try talking to him and I have asked him why he doesn't like it he has made me feel like he is embarrass of me but I think he just wants me for him he doesn't want nobody to see me or have contact with me.