Tested positive for Gonorrhea

Hello everyone. A little background info. Me and this guy had been talking for about three months, I recently ended it with him.. Before getting the results. I got a call sometime this week telling me I tested positive for gonorrhea. I have been tested after every partner so I am 100% sure that it is the guy I just ended things with. I was kind of regretting my decision of ending it with him but when I got the call I'm certain I don't want to associate with him anymore. After I got my shot and medicine, I asked my doctor what I should do about informing the guy. She said that every case they get on gonorrhea they have to report to the state. She told me that she could have the state inform the guy for me. I have until Monday to make my decision. What should I do, should I not tell him, tell him, or have the state tell him for me? Please no rude comments, I've been throughout enough finding out I had it.

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