My boyfriend doesn't comfort me when I cry

Michelle • No one can teach me who I am
Hey guys, I don't know what to do , and I don't expect to gain anything from posting this but it's nice to get stuff off your chest. 
I'm very lonely . My boyfriend doesn't comfort me when I cry. He just gets annoyed and walks away. Sometimes he even says thigs to make me feel worse and things that hurt me, personal things. And then I cry more, obviously. But then he gets even more angry and keeps telling me to calm down and that I have no reason to cry and stuff. It just makes me feel alone . If someone cares about u It'll bother them when your sad or crying, whether or not u have good enough reason to. I think it's natural. That's why they call it care. I don't think itS right . I mean I can't comprehend how he's able to do it. How is his heart? I tried imagining it the other way around around; him crying and me making it worse and yelling or walking Away, and I just can't. I wouldn't be able to do it. 
But anyway. I feel really stupid posting this. I'm not usually that Kinda person. But had to get it off my chest. I do feel a bit alone. Not a nice feeling .