Vent about family.

So my dumb sister got knocked up by a 23 year old man at 16 and my mom basically had to raise her son. She only knew the guy for a few days before sleeping with him. She went into a so called "depression" cause me and my mom went to court and put the child molester in prison. So my mom had to raise him cause she couldn't handle it. She was handed early graduation. The teachers gave her straight As cause she was a "good" kid going through a hard time. She was the stupid one to not use a condom and chase after grown men. So now two years later she still takes care of him for free 6 days a week so my sister can work. But won't watch my 3 month old cause my sister needs a baby sitter. All I want is to go out for a few hours but my sisters boy needs all her attention. My daughter barely has seen my mother because I this. I'm 20 with with a 3 month old and have been with my so for 4.5 year but I can't have 3 hours for her to watch my daughter. Guess my daughter will never amount to my nephew. Just feeling ticked.