So my last period started oct 9, and glow said my most fertile day was oct 25. I had sex the 25th and 26th. The past couple weeks I've had almost every pregnancy symptom you can think of-extremely tired, sore back and legs, heart burn, strong sense of smell, nauseous, headaches, peeing more often, sore boobs, dry mouth, you name it. And I was 5 days late for my period (today was the 5th day late, I was supposed to get it 5 days ago) however I started bleeding today. A little bit of bright red blood for a couple hours, and now it's very light. But my research tells me that implantation bleeding occurs a few days BEFORE your missed period, not after. So could this bleeding be something else? Or possibly the implantation bleeding? I'm too nervous to take a test yet! ?