TTC with V. Low Sperm Count

Today AF arrived. We conceive but the pregnancy miscarried at five weeks in March after four months of trying. It's been 8 months since TTC and we just found out last week that my husband has a sperm count used 2 million. Thankfully everything else is normal, but I feel like our chances of conceiving naturally is almost impossible and it's incredibly depressing when it seems like all my friends are getting pregnant left and right. We haven't told anyone yet and my mom is dying for a grandchild. Has anyone been able to conceive with a super low sperm count naturally? We want to avoid IVF if we can because it's just so expensive. We think his numbers may be due to extreme stress at his current job and as such he's looking for a new one and taking Virilitea and Fertiliaid for men plus the vitamins and diet the doctor recommended. He's seeing a urologist soon to make sure it's not something serious. I just need some hope. I've dreamed of being a mother ever since I got my first baby doll as a child and realised that's what I want from life. I know that's not all there is to life, but it's been our dream for years.