Just a question...

Have any of you ladies ever thought of taking a break? I don't feel like I've overly stressed myself over ttc. But I do notice that since ttc my cycles have slowly gotten longer. Meaning the little bit of stress I am feeling is having some effect on my body. It's so weird. 
I always hate when people say "just stop trying" or "relax and it will happen". I mean I know it's true but when it's what you want so bad that's nearly impossible to do!! Haha. I have seen quite a few people on glow who got tired of ttc, took a break and got their bfp
This is only our 5th cycle ttc so I don't think im in need of s break yet. But I can feel the stress of ttc slowly building up. 
I guess what I'm asking is do you think you will ever take a break if you get to a certain point just to relax? Or do you think you will be able to just keep actively trying (temps,opk,supplants etc) month after month?