I have pain during ovulation. Why?

Samantha • TTC my rainbow baby. Lost my Zackery 3 years ago. Infertility problems, hoping GLOW helps.

Every time I ovulate I get tremendous pain in my sternum, right below my chest bone in the center. Comes and goes sometimes last a few hours. Sometimes it takes my breath away and makes me light headed. Anyone know what this is?

I went to my obgyn doctor and he says there is no such thing as severe pain in sternum. Sent me to a gastrologist. Nothing wrong on that end and I have no gallbladder. Sent me back to my OBGYN.

He thinks I'm making it up. Its been going on for a year now and I signed u here and realized for a fact it happens on my ovulation days.

The pain is debilitating. I am not crazy. Now I don't know what to do since my doctor won't run anymore tests.