My husband

Here we go! Yesterday morning my husband threw an absolute fit because I forgot to get him a can of snuff and take his ripped coveralls to my mother's for her to sew. Said I never do anything he asks me to and if it doesn't have to do with my mother or my horses I'm not interested. Called me lazy and all sorts of things. He also made me quit my job a couple of months ago by taking the truck I drive to work. So he brings all that up also, throwing it in my face how I don't work and blah blah blah. I told him it's your fault I don't have a job, he said no it's mine bc I couldn't handle working. No, what I couldn't handle was working full time and getting NO help at home. Seriously, he expected me to work and do all the house stuff and take care of our 4 year old son while all he did was go to work. I had enough! He doesn't lift a finger for anything! So yesterday I cleaned house alllllll day, perfect Martha Stewart. Had his favorite dinner ready when he came home from work. I even took him 2 cans of snuff to his job, along with his favorite candy bar and left them in his truck. Nice surprise, right? I tried to be nice and please him. When he comes home from work he's still an asshole. Doesn't say a damn thing. Doesn't thank me for anything. I asked him if he liked his surprise at work and all he said was oh yeah, a candy bar was a great lunch, all sarcastic. I had texted him an hour before I brought that stuff if he wanted me to bring him a lunch. He never text back. Who is in the wrong here? Does anyone agree that I get treated like shit? We have been together 6 years, married for 5 months. This kind of trash has gone on our whole relationship. Several times I have worked full time at work and at home, while he sat on his ass and didn't have a job. How is this fair?