The Almost Perfect Relationship

I've been with my boyfriend since April 2012 and we have had an almost perfect relationship. We easily have had many more ups than downs. When we do experience "hard times" (like right now) I feel doubtful. The thing is, every November it seems as though we get into this slump and I have no idea why.. Our very first November together he became very distant from me and we broke up.. For
2 and a half hours..and for those hours we sat in the couch and cried. Anyway, I just feel insecure this time of the year.. We have both been sick and he just started a full time job so we haven't been talking a lot let alone seeing each other (we don't live together) am I overthinking this because of that first November together or do you think he's being distant. Any relationship advice will be appreciated.. I want many more years with this man. THANKS!