I'm not sure what I need.

Taylor • My husband and I are excited to meet our little boy (#1) in September!
I'm not sure who to talk to: I'm 25 and my hubby and I are ttc.
However, when I was 17 I had a pregnancy terminated- it was traumatic. Physically and emotionally painful. PTSD ensued but I didn't acknowledge it until recently. 
My doctor who has worked very hard with me the past years to get me to be able to even do paps knows all of this, she suggested I find a group or therapist to talk to. But I can't find anything or anyone who can relate to me or has experience in helping someone through this. 
I've convinced myself that carrying and giving birth I can do. I am a strong woman. But it's always in the back of my head. The pain I went through. What if what if what if. I don't know.