Okay. Loaded questions.

Okay ladies. Several questions in one.. What is the protocol; do you ovulate two weeks after your period ends, or two weeks before it begins? I was due for my period November 1st. But it has not come. I really doubt I'm pregnant (I've gotten a couple BPN) and just think my period is delayed bc it's my first time off birth control in 10 years! Anyway. I'm asking bc I always thought it was two weeks after your period ended (or around that time) but I feel like I could have ovulated this week (which would have been almost a month after my last period) is that possible? 
Next, TMI when I just went to the bathroom there was something different that came out when I wiped, something I've never seen before. It was like CM but had brown in it, not like a blood brown tho. And like little parts of nude/pale pale pink in it.. All of it was mucus-ie.. Could that be implantation? How soon after you have sex would that happen? The next day, three days? Etc? 
I don't know. Maybe I'm getting my period, I'm very crampy..  But have been for weeks. It just didn't look like period at all.