Fertility doctor results

Ok ladies, so this will be our last month trying to concieve on our own. Though my husband is "superman" according to the dr based off of his SA, I am having some problems. I was diagnosed with dysfunctional ovulation, low progesterone and a short LP cycle. I also have endometriosis (which could cause all of this). So I will be starting clomid on my 3rd cycle day in December and I will be monitored during ovulation. The doctors will insert my husbands sperm into my uterus for better chances of a fertilized egg. Then I will start progesterone in order to make my LP at least 14 days. Hopefully this all works! It seems like a lot but the doctor said it was a good scenario and is very confident. If this doesn't work, our other option was hormone injection but chances of multiples were increased by 80% (not just twins.. meaning triplets and quads) and I am too small to hold more than 2. So we will see where we are at in 2 months! ? 
If I could offer any advice, I would recommend seeing a fertility doctor and at least get your testing done. You never know, it could be nothing! A lot of the testing clears your tubes and allows for pregnancy to happen naturally. But, it could be something and I am happy we know and have a plan. Thank God it wasn't the worst news and we have a chance.