Finally might give in

Sooooo im 25, been trying for baby #2 for 7 years, I have a 8 yr old daughter already, I've had 2 mc's and no luck in between. 
​I think I've decided if AF shows (she's 1 weeks late but neg tests) then I will start taking the vitex that I have brought and if nothing happens by say February (when im 26) then I might actually bring myself to go see the doctor! This is a big thing for me, I never go see the doctor and I dont want him to tell me I can't have any more kids so that's the reason why I havnt been yet! 
​I've always said I didn't want to have children after I'm 30 (personal opinion, nothing wrong with older mums) so I don't have long left. I don't smoke or drink either. 
​Anyone in a similar boat? 
​Any advice on doctors regime for such problem?