Do you see this picture as inspiration or being offensive? (NOT a tmi pic)

I was strolling through my Insatgram and came across this picture from a fitness page. Instead of congratulating her, saying good job or asking how she did it, there were mothers who felt that she was mocking them. They found it offensive and assumed that this mother probably neglected her child because she was always at the gym or she didn't have a full time job and she only had one child.

Regardless of this mother's situation, I applaud her. I find this as inspiration. I don't think she was trying to offend but was saying, even though I had a child, I didn't use that as a reason not to get in shape. I definitely don't have a six pack but I want to be healthy for my family and taking care of my health and exercising can only benefit them and make me a better wife and mother. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family. I'm trying to break the cycle with me by being an example. It's hard trying to workout and eat right as a mom but I push through, and plus I have a loving and hands on husband.

Are you offended by this picture or inspired by it?

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