Semen Health Benefits


1. Live longer, age better.

2. Reduce cancer risk.

3. Beat depression/become happier.

4. Fight obesity

5. Improve pregnancy

6. Ease menstruation

7. Ease menopause

8. Ease osteoporosis

9. Reduce acne

10. Reduce insomnia

11. Increase alertness

12. Boost athletic performance

13. Control cravings

14. Become happier

15. Improve relationship

16. Semen is an all natural, "human specific" multi-vitamin.

Semen Exposure:

This can be oral ingestion or vaginal reception. The practical drawback for vaginal reception is that the semen deposited in your vagina often "leaks out" after intercourse and so is not full absorbed. However when you swallow sperm after performing oral sex (fellatio) keeping a man's penis in your mouth, his ejaculation is given completely to you and so you ingest it all. The same is true if a man masturbates and gives you his semen. You may drink it as "a shot" or with a beverage, or you may mix it into your food and eat it, either way it is consumed in it's entirety. Therefore it will be assumed that you are orally ingesting more than two normal sized (about a teaspoon full) ejaculations of semen ("loads") from a healthy man, every week.

1. Live longer, age better

Exposure to semen quite simply increases longevity.

Spermidine in your blood repairs and strengthens your body against Autophagy the scientific process that we call aging, at the cellular level. Every cell gets a new lease on life and your body as a whole wins the battle against "death by natural causes" for longer. Laboratory test suggest living longer than average by one third!

2. Reduce cancer risk

TGFbeta (transforming growth factor beta) "can increase the number and activity of "natural killer" cells which are important in recognizing and killing aberrant cells that give rise to tumors."


Glycoproteins: Like Zinc Alpha2 Glycoprotein (ZAG).


4. Beat depression/become happier.

Semen is a powerful and organic anti-depressant:

Arginine: an amino acid that increases blood flow and blunts pain

Tyrosine: a chemical that gets converted into adrenaline

Dopamine: the "feel good" chemical released into your brain when you are "high on life"

Beta-endorphins: The natural painkillers that lower anxiety

Estrogen and Oxytocin: (two "female" hormones) linked respectively with happiness and pair bonding.

And men avoid prostate cancer by donating more than twice per week.

4. Fight obesity

Cachexia is a natural process where your body stars liquefying excess fat. This process can be triggered by a semen load being ingested at every meal.

TGFbeta help your body resists weight gain

Zinc Alpha2 Glycoprotein induces weight loss.

Semen in your stomach reduces appetite.

Giving oral sex suppresses snaking urge.

Eating so much semen containing pleasure hormones gives you that "filled up" satisfied feeling.

5. Improve pregnancy

Ease of getting pregnant due to "parental tolerance" of father's DNA.

No morning sickness when swallowing semen the night before.

Reduced risk of miscarriage due to immune system rejection (pre-eclampsia) and dangerous fever for the mother.

Higher quality breast milk due to the male "human specific compounds" (like prostaglandin)

6. Ease menstruation

Your period is an uncomfortable time of hormone imbalance.

Semen's "pleasure hormones" can ease this time by reducing unhappiness and symptoms of PMS.

Cramp pain can be mitigated by the "female hormones" in semen: Estrogen, Oestrogen and Oxytocin

7. Ease menopause

Menopausal symptoms are largely due to the change in female hormone production in your body.

Many women are prescribed hormone replacement therapy, but the side effects are worse than the symptoms.

Semen is a natural hormone source, with a wide variety of beneficial "human specific compounds" that contribute to hormone stability.

If you can maintain a consistent schedule of semen exposure, you can help smooth out the peaks and valleys of menopause.

8. Ease Osteoporosis

Calcium in semen contributes to stronger bones (and teeth).

Other "human specific compounds" build up strength and fight aging.

9. Reduce acne

Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein (ZAG) speeds up the natural shedding of skin which clears pores.

Semen directly on your skin is an Exfoliator , antiseptic, antibiotic and astringent.

10. Reduce insomnia

Natural Melatonin is a sleep enhancer.

Along with the other calming compounds and hormones, a cumulative effect of semen exposure is relaxation, reduced anxiety and increased sense of wellbeing.

Swallowing a load of your lover's semen just before bed, is a good bonding experience, stress reliever and sleep aid.

11. Increase alertness

After several weeks of regular semen exposure compounds build up that your brain will call upon at times of high demand.

Stress or imperfect diet can starve your brain of vital proteins and enzymes needed for focus, resisting distraction, mind energy and "awareness."

For a quick energizer before a presentation or exam, swallow a load of semen and inhale deeply it's revitalizing smell.

12. Boost athletic performance

For some time now body builders have been aware of the benefits of getting off steroids and replacing them with semen.

However as this is a male dominated sport, and due to the quantities required and the stigma of asking for semen, "Semen Boosting" remains relatively infrequent.

However female athletes are increasingly ingesting semen and seeing benefits that previously could only come from steroids.

For competitive athletes an increased regime of daily consumption is rendering advancement and still with positive health results.

This natural source of human metabolized compounds (like Testosterone, Tyrosine, Creatine, Fructose and Vitamin B12) is legal and definitely "performance enhancing."

13. Control cravings

Cravings are our bodies communicating to our sub-conscious. Often these messages are vague and so when our body needs salt we end up eating a whole bag of chips.

Nutrition is just one example when our body needs magnesium, we may feel that we need to go to a bar and drink with strangers, because in the past we have done that and had Bloody Caesars.

Our body craves all the "human specific compounds" in semen, and when we are missing an ingredient to make them for ourselves, we go out and try to get them.

Some people never choose the right food and so become obese craving something they never get, but keep eating.

By ingesting semen more than twice a week, your body will have everything it craves and it will become easier to tame your sub-conscious need to "go out and get something."

14. Become happier

How do psychiatrists measure happiness? The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) test. Women who have substantial, regular semen exposure are happier.

This maybe due to the "human specific compounds" in semen: Endorphins, Oxytocin, Dopamine, Arginine, Tyrosine a Thyrotrpin-releasing hormone, Estrone, Cortisol, Prolactin, Serotonin and Melatonin.

This combination, ingested in substantial quantity, regularly enough, produce the "natural high" called, in slang, Semen Ecstasy.

15. Improve relationship

There is no doubt that "pair bonding" occurs between a man donating his semen and a lady eating it on a regular basis.

Thus the adage, "No one breaks up with a woman who swallows."

Men are tamed by the process and prepared for the commitment of child rearing. All of their sexual needs (physical and psychological) are satisfied and so therefore they do not cheat or doubt.

For some men, they feel no need to have their sperm swallowed or to "cum in a mouth," at least consciously. However most men feel this need as serious and persistent. For these men, if the woman they love does not do it, they will cave to temptation when the opportunity is offered to them.

16. Semen is an all natural, "human specific" multi-vitamin.

Sure you can take a multi-vitamin, but if you don't then swallowing more than two loads of cum from a healthy man every week is a good source of:

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance)

Ammonia (natural disinfectant)

Ash (neutral base)

Blood-group antigens (from immune system)

Calcium (mineral for teeth, bone, muscle and nerve health)

Carbon Dioxide (natural gas we exhale)

Chlorine (oxidizing agent)

Cholesterol (steroid alcohol present in body fluids)

Chlorine (base, part of the vitamin B complex)

Citric acid (prevents blood clots)

Copper (natural metal in blood)

Creatine (increases energy, formation of muscle and burns fat)

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

Ergothioneine (protects skin from DNA damage)

Fructose (sugar used for energy and preventing diabetes)

Glutathione (peptide amino acid prevents cancer and improves success of chemotherapy)

Glycerylphorylcholine (enzyme)

Glycoproteins (cancer fighting agent)

Hyaluronidase (enzyme)

Inorganic material (neutral molecules)

Inositol (prevents hair loss)

Lactic acid (material repairs burns and wounds)

Lipids (Functions as a fat burner)

Magnesium (mineral)

Nitrogen (gas found in all living tissue)

Phosphorus (mineral)

Phosphorylcholine (mineral)

Prostaglandins (good for pregnancy)

Potassium (mineral)

Purine (compound of uric acid)

Pyrimidine (organic base)

Pyruvic acid (fetilizing agent)

Selenium (cancer fighting agent)

Sodium (salt)

Sorbitol (body alcohol promotes bowel regularity)

Spermidine (catalytic enzyme)

Spermine (ammonia compound found in sperm)

Sulfur (mineral helps in smoothing skin)

Urea (skin treatments: psoriasis, xerosis, onychomycosis, ichthyosis, eczema, keratosis, keratoderma, corns, calluses and medical basis of urine therapy)

Uric acid (over half the antioxidant capacity of blood plasma comes from uric acid and helps prevent diabetes)

Vitamin B12 (for proper function of nervous system and metabolism, builds stamina)

Zinc (mineral fights acne)

Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein (ZAG)(enzyme fights