Teen Pregnancy

Kaylyn • Future mommy of 2
Teen pregnancy may be a wild topic to speak about. But it bothers me how even if getting pregnant as a teenager is a mistake you have to deal with it. A lot of people on this app say why are these teens pregnant etc . But don't even realize we as pregnant are not asking for a lecture because I'm pretty sure most of us get it from our parents . We are asking for advice and help . Not to be put down and critized because we made a mistake . I am pretty sure most of the people on this app have made plenty of mistakes in their lives. So instead of being judgmental and just plain rude sometimes . why not actually try to make to make the situation better so that the teen can demonstrate or show those teens that are TTC that it is not the correct choice. Mistakes are made ,but that doesn't mean that anyone in the world should have to judged and criticized for them .