Disappointed in my Fellow Women

Vanessa • Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Sarcastic, Direct, Flawed yet Confident in my Path
I have always considered myself a reluctant feminist. As nostalgic as I am for the days when a wife could stay home and raise her children, cook wholesome meals every night, and attend every ball game and recital without having to explain motherhood IS a job, I feel it should be an option- not an expectation. Recognizing that women have fought and struggled to free us from the hearth and home, to strive for equality in higher education, board rooms, and every other occupation outside of the home, I appreciate their victories and prize my independence, identity, and individuality above everything with the exception of my children. I held me fellow women in high regard, defending vehemently our intelligence, our superior instincts in compassion and empathy. Now, I wander daily through posts where women, strangers on an app, tear each other to shreds with hate filled comments, a train wreck of bitterness and pettiness. Close minded people ignorant to other people's needs, pleas for understanding, and attempts at trying to find someone to lift them up, give them a grain of hope. Instead they are met with intolerance and negativity from their 'sisters.' How can we expect to heal this world, move this species forward, turn our children into the future when we do this to each other? I am as guilty as everyone else of getting frustrated with those who may not be at the same place in their journey as I am. To you, I apologize. I have failed to practice what I preach. I will do better. I will be the change I want to see in this world. Who will walk with me?