Old Wives Tale about Twins

Katie • Mommy to be to a little boy 💙💙
Hi! I am a first time mom and I've posted a million things because I'm so intrigue and fascinated (and scared!). My OB isn't able to get me in for an ultrasound until Jan 2 due to holidays and I'm curious what other mommas out there think. I am currently 6w2d and pre-pregnancy I was weighing in at 140 (which was completely normal for my height) and I was active and not to sound braggy but I was a size 6. I feel like I might be carrying twins because I already have a bump and it feels extremely firm at the bottom and close to the uterus (TMI?) My grandpa was a twin and my ex-fiancé (the baby's (babies?) father) was due to have twins in his generation. I was just curious if anyone else had these similar symptoms before they found out it was twins?