Ovulation? No ovulation?

Hi all,
I'm abit confused.. I have been tracking my cycle this month(first month). I have had 4 days of positive OPKS.. However glow has as you can see below told me I ovulated a few days ago. I have been DTD pretty much all week. I'm just wondering how does Glow when I do? Also why have I had 4 days of positive tests.. To top it off I have had really sore breats (to touch) my poor SO wants to fell them and I can't it's to painful. I still have EWCM, my cervix is low, soft but shouldn't it be high? If it's high I shouldn't be able to feel it as far as your notes indicate? What is the right position ? Where should it be now? My temp has risen aswell today as you can see.. I'm not sure how actuate my temp is either alot things can affect this as far as I am concerned.
Can anyone give me guidance please? I'm new to this so I'm just learning... Any help I would reallyyyy appreciate!