Early engagement and marriage?

Candace • I am a southern gal who loves sweet tea, my Savior: Jesus, and good ole` Tennessee. And my lovely fiancé.
Hi y'all. Just wanted your opinions on early engagement/marriage. I'm 18 and graduated early from High school. I've been dating my precious man for a year and a half now. We are considering engagement pretty soon and then marriage maybe a year after engagement. I would be young, but that is the purpose of a bit longer engagement, so that I could spend lots of time with my parents and learn more things from them. 
I feel like God is calling us to do this, but I know so many people look down on early marriages. He will take over his dad's business of orthotics and prosthetics. And I will get a masters in Information Technology. He is 19. 
I'd really like some opinions. (: it's a big decision! We feel we would work better together because we are starting a big ministry on the state college near us. And we can be more hospitable to people around us if we have our own place together. Plus we want to experience the ups and downs of life together. 
I am an extrovert and sometimes pessimistic. He is an introvert and mostly optimistic. We have always been told we compliment each other well. 
Sorry for rambling, please reply if you have any thoughts!! Thanks!!!