Not good news

So for the last couple weeks I've been worried about the progression of my pregnancy. I should be 7 weeks now... The early draws of hcg were low but they were doubling however the most recent draw showed that the numbers are increasing still, but not by a lot. My last level was 2079 up from 1411 four days prior. An early ultrasound showed a gestational sac measuring 5 weeks when I should be closer to 7. Just left the doctor's office and he thinks I will miscarry naturally in the next few days considering I started spotting yesterday. I'm very sad but I'm ok. This is my second loss and I'm not sure if it hurts more than the first. The only bright side is that at least if it is in fact happening, it's happening sooner rather than further along like my mmc in September (10 weeks). If I miscarry, I plan on trying again right away, not waiting for first cycle. I'm just so ready to be a mom. :(