Loss of mom while pregnant

Melissa Carrie🐠 • Addictions PHD, Mommy by day (2 kids...9 pregnancies) Don`t dish out what you can`t take!
My mom was 59 and passed on the 20th. She battled cancer and her body was tired. I know she's at peace. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and feel so empty going through this without her. I've had 4 miscarriages so I'm naturally scared. I was put on progesterone as my body doesn't produce it but can I ask...has low progesterone ever been the reasoning behind any ladies losses? I'm just trying so hard to feel comfortable about life and I'd love to just feel blessed about this pregnancy and take a baby home.  We will be burying my mom on Saturday so nothing truly makes sense to me. I wish you all happy holidays. Thanks for feedback