I'm so confused right now...

This is a pretty hard topic to write about..but here it goes. Exactly one week ago today I went to Chicago with my boss to help him move. My boss is my boyfriends uncle not hos real uncle but they consider each other family. We all work together actually and my b f's dad. The boss owns his own business so it's a guess.considered a family business. But anyway so I went with him thinking it's just my boss he is cool. Well as we were driving there things got weird. He started asking me questions. Personal questions. At first it didn't bother me I thought he was just trying to make convo. Then he started asking me if I had nude pics on my phone "kinky" photos he called it. Now I'm a very shy person and I tried not to say anything. But I started to feel uncomfortable. It really was starting to gross me out. And when I didn't want to answer the questions I would say idk or try to ignore it and talk about something else but he would keep asking and asking until I would say something. Geez, I'm grossed out over even writing this. Now he didn't try to touch me or anything just kept trying to talk dirty to me. That night when I went home I cried. I couldn't tell my boyfriend. How do you even begin to tell the man you love that his uncle just creeped me the heck out. So I didn't tell him. Well the next day when I went to work and my boss kinda started talking about it I told him I felt very uncomfortable and that I don't ever want to talk about it again with him. And he hasn't since thank god.

But last night I told my boyfriend, I don't think he believed me at all. I don't blame him how could he? I didn't even think that something like that was possible either. And he is at work right now with him. I don't want my bf to tell our boss because I feel like he would lie about it.

But I feel like I've been sexually harassed. Does anyone agree? I've been so depressed about this.