Single Parenting? I'm scared

Katie • Mommy to be to a little boy 💙💙
So many might judge me because of this post but i was told this was a community and I pray that's true because I feel safe saying things here and getting other expectant mothers advice. I am currently 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and due around Aug 17, 2015. I am not a single mother by choice. My baby was conceived with my ex-fiancé before I found out he cheated on me. 
So here's the story so you all get the idea of what I went through before you get mean:
My fiancé and I were together nearly 4 years but I've known him for 5-we had been living together from May 2014-November 2014. He is a combat medic in the military and he left for ENT specialty training in July on this year. We had been through training before and I was perfectly okay waiting at home for my soldier. He came home on November 22( my birthday ironically) and from November 22-27(Thanksgiving) things were perfectly okay with us and we were happy and he seemed excited to be home with me and we had unprotected sex three times during my ovulation (which is why I have my little nugget baking away(:). I thought everything was perfect until the woman he slept with while away showed up at our doorstep wanting to stay for 2 weeks before she was stationed in Washington and my ex-fiancé said yes! And then things got horribly bad when I said no and he seriously threw me against a wall and started beating the crap out of me until I was unconscious. He had never been violent before-I don't know what happened while he was away. At some point my mother was called and I moved out that night. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Which was completely shocking because I was told id never be a mom. I am extremely excited for my little chocolate chip and my ex has already stated he doesn't want anything to do with this "f***ing mistake" which is fine. I don't want any body to be rude I'm just looking for advice of how other mommas handled being a single momma and what worked for them and what didn't please? Any advice is greatly appreciated