Asking relationship advice from women ?

Now something I just thought about. 
A lot of women come on here asking for relationship advice say if they are suspicious of their spouse 
But honestly I don't see the point of asking women on here because at the end of day women are over thinkers and will only psyche you out and put things  in your head that you never  even thought of making you even more paranoid than you already are. 
When whole time that isn't even the case. 
That's just our natural instinct. We overthink ever detail and go into full depth on things a guy wouldn't even think themselves.
Best person to ask is another male friend really. That's why you know some males on glow can be useful. 
But honestly turning to other women for your suspicions will only make you more suspicious. 
I mean a woman has posted up being pregnant and crying over her boyfriend yelling at her when usually she defends herself 
Women on this app gave the woman advice to leave her relationship and how it sounds abusive.
 In my head  im sitting over here like wow these women are giving bad advice not even knowing the full depth on the relationship when whole time the real answer was 
"Hun you're pregnant and hormonal you will cry over little things, couples fight all the time , he's Probabaly not abusive just part of their relationship."
Point is relationship advice
Ask a man 
Because women over think and will psyche you out. 
Have a nice day