Is it too late to cancel Christmas? :(

LJ • 1 baby girl with another baby on the way
I'm so angry. I have a wonderful family and I'm close to them all but this last year and a half my brother has gone off the rails, he's out drinking all the time and in these obsessive relationships, he won't work and continuously takes money from my mum. She does spoil him and always has which is half the problem but now all they do is fight. They had a huge row last week and finally he agreed to sort things so now it's 5am on Christmas Day and they are up fighting and arguing. They start on eachother over nothing. I'm 28werks pregnant and before all this drama me and my partner decided we wanted to do Christmas ourselves. Now they're in my house and won't shut up. It's so unfair it's horrible like they're so selfish. He's in his room singing loud and drunk and I have neighbours she's in her room saying she's going home and this point I want both of them to just leave!! I'm supposed to have 8 people
Over tomorrow and want none of them!!!