Angry Rant!

Abby • Loving the life growing inside of me! Can't wait to finally meet him!
I have this neighbor who is due a couple of weeks after I am. Well we share a mutual friend (she's my best friend). Well my neighbor and her husband were hanging out with my friend and I guess I came up in their conversation. They were asking if there was something wrong with my baby because I am not yet very big. How rude can someone be? Just because I'm not super big doesn't mean something is wrong with my baby! This woman is probably twice my size. I'm so upset over this, not sure if it's hormones or what. My friend basically yelled at them saying that my baby is perfectly healthy and actually measuring a week big. Thank goodness for friends like her! I'm 26 weeks, but everyone always says how small I am, but everyone carries differently so I just don't know how someone could assume that something is wrong! And even if there was, if I wanted my neighbors to know I would have told them! But I have a perfectly healthy little boy and that is all I am going to focus on!!