When does it begin to feel real?

April • I`m 29 years old (30 in March), my husband is 38, and we have been actively trying to conceive since September 2012.
I'm only 5 and a half weeks along, but I've known for about a week now. I got my Clearblue Digital BFP last Wednesday. I got my positive hcg bloodwork back Monday. 
I still feel like I'm pretending. I haven't told my husband yet, I wanted to surprise him on Christmas Day. 
But I don't really have any symptoms other than having to pee more often and the occasion cramping, which I read is my uterus gradually expanding?
When did it feel real for you? Was it when you announced it? Or when you heard the heartbeat for the first time? Or did it feel real as soon as you go your BFP?
It's driving me crazy! Well, at least after go pro morning I'll have someone to talk about it wilh. :)