Hubby forgets to wear wedding ring

Monica • My husband and I are 36 and 35, high school sweethearts, married in 2005, son Gavin born 11-27-15. PSU grad, work for small newspaper as a reporter.
My husband and I have been happily married for almost 10 years. He started a construction job last year, and since he works a lot with his hands, tools, buckets of paint, etc., he leaves his wedding ring at home. Problem is he never remembers to put it on when he's not working. Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> was a good example since he's off work for the holidays. We were away from home and I noticed he wasn't wearing it and asked him if he could please put it on when we got home. He's now sleeping and I just so happened to see the ring in the bathroom medicine cabinet. This wasn't the first time I've reminded him it would mean a lot to me if he remembered to wear it. I understand he's forgetful and not used to wearing any other jewelry, but I would feel naked without my rings. And I've let him know it kind of hurts my feelings that he never wears the ring, unless I bring it up. It is a symbol of our love and he agrees with that and promises to try harder to remember, but it doesn't happen. How can this be resolved?