Having problems with my in laws !!

Ruby • TTC # 1 since september 2013 and thank god i`m finally pregnant!! Due on 28 Feb 2016 :)
Well I am ttc for around 16 months now and nothing happens yet....I tried clomid,had a laparoscopy,takes metformin...and nothing now my doc told me to get on diet since I am a little bit overweight.I have to lose 15 kg and I already left 5 kg within 2 months....but my mother in law when I always see her she always make me down...telling me that everyone she know is getting pregnant and always speak to me about baby's !! She know that we have hard time to get pennant and she is totally not a suport to me :,,( my husband is always on her side and today I finally talked to him but.....still the same he ignore me at all and telling me that is a natural conversation...it is not !! Even when we make sex I am not like I was in our first times...this situation is very getting me that I a tinking that our marriage it wasan't meant to be. I am having hard times with her since his brother have a girlfriend and she always talk to her like she is her favourite one. Right now i am with my tablet on the bed and he is in the kitchen seeing tv...this is not a life marriage I signed up for !! Any suggestions how I can Handel this situation pls ? Thanks girls for reading my filed up life.