Need advice please!!

I'm going to sound horrible I'm sure but my fiancé and I had a bad fight about him choosing his dad over me. His dad always throws a fit when he doesn't get his way with my fiancé. We do not live together currently. He lives with his dad and I live with mine. My dad is fine with me leaving him to go to my fiancé when he needs me but his dad isn't. I'm very sick tonight and asked him to stay with me because he is working Saturday and Sunday and my dad won't be home either. Tomorrow is Friday and I wanted him to take me to the doctor. I got my feelings very hurt because I obviously need him with a fever of 102. But he went home anyway because his dad wanted him to. What do I do? I'm so afraid to marry him and deal with this my entire life. His mom is the same way. I don't know what to do but I love him. Help us please. I can't loose him.