Dumped over a hair cut?

Hello all and merry Christmas!

I'm 21 and I've wanted a mohawk my entire life. I HATE having hair, it would be so much easier if I cut it off..

But I haven't because I think my bf will dump me if I cut my hair. When ever I bring it up he gets annoyed and says he'd rather I not chop it off. He just doesn't understand how frustrating my hair is! I'm so fed up that I am actually going to get it cut off(kind of like miley cyrus), but I'm pretty sure he's going to leave me afterwards. We've been together on and off for 4 years, throwing away all that time makes me angry but if he's going to be that immature, then whatever. I don't need him./end rant

How would you handle this situation? Would you or your SO react the same way over a dang haircut? Or some other minor physical modification?