My Husband's Reaction To Finding Out He's Gonna Be a Dad!

April • I`m 29 years old (30 in March), my husband is 38, and we have been actively trying to conceive since September 2012.
I started by giving him a tiny box with an apple seed inside it, when he said "I don't get it." I said "That's how big it is."
He though about it a little more, and said "I don't understand." 
Anticipating this, I brought out a digital pregnancy test I had wrapped and hidden. 
He unwrapped it carefully, as he does...and reached inside... ...and pulled out a pregnancy test with the word "Pregnant" on its screen. 
...and the realization began to sink in. 
...and then the joy and tears flowed freely. 
It was a happy moment. 
A very happy moment. <3