BFN & BFP?? ? confused!

So I'm 10 dpo got 2 faint positives today with first response. My 99 cent store tests came out negative so I got those
Clear blue digital ones (because I just needed a clear answer!!!) and those 2 came out not pregnant. Can I count on the two + that I did get? Pic below. I have one digital left I'm saving for morning urine 2maro.. I've been reading so much about this chemical pregnancy (thanks, glow!) lol so I'm scared if that's what's happening. I mean when do you know you are safe? That the sticky little bean has marked its place??? Ugh sorry for the rant.. Pics below
Symptoms per dpo If anyone's interested: if not scroll down to answer :)
Symptoms 0-10dpo
2dpo my boobs started hurting that day
3dpo got so bad I woke up in the morning and just grabbed my boobs (tmi sorry) but bad pain had begun
4dpo breast pain continues
5dpo getting super tired and sleepy
6dpo bloated like crazy! Lower back starts to hurt
7dpo-8dpo waking up with a weird tast in my mouth. Equivalent of falling asleep wasted like crazy and waking up with that Nasty dry mouth feelin. (I don't drink fyi)
9dpo all of the above more fatigue, menstrual type cramps lower back is killin me
10dpo first faint positive Feeling acidy bloated gassy back pain no appetite had a sharp pain on my lower abdominal area but no spotting