S.O problems

Okay long story short: my SO and myself live with my mom and uncle right now. My SO says living here makes him depressed and he hates it...I'm depressed and dealing with a lot right now and I'm not working and he works nights and pays 300 month to my mom for everything..any ways he tells me he wants to move in with his mom and save for an apartment... I'm so mad and wish he could just be with me and work together...we argue all the time lately barely have sex... I know I couldn't handle living alone BC I'm insecure and I wouldn't be able to mentally handle barely seeing him and him being a ways away. Idk what to do you guys I need help I'm so distraught and love him dearly but he doesn't seem to have a fire in him anymore....please just give me yalls input. I'm I just an emotional bitch or what?