Need to vent!

Joey • Married to my best friend! Blessed to be mommy to our 9 year old DS, 4 year old DS, and expecting #3 & #4 Sept. 2020 ❤️
So this isn't SO related, but it's giving me a lot of anxiety. We're going to my one of my husbands best friends 30th birthday party tonight and his wife hired a stripper for him. I find this so creepy and unacceptable. It goes against my morals and beliefs and I just can't wrap my mind around why someone would do this for "fun!" There's no way in hell I would hire a woman to undress and dance all over my husband! I don't want to go, but I can't not go... Im sure everyone will call me a prude or a bitch, as the look of disgust will be more than evident on my face. I just don't like this one bit and don't know what to do about all these feelings I'm having. I don't want to be a Debbie downer and ruin the party, but I don't know how to hide my feelings about this.