300lbs+ pregnant mamas

How did your ultrasounds go? I'm about 290-300lbs and 20w4d pregnant and while almost everything is able to be seen (can't see the eyes yet because of my size and babies position) I just keep feeling like the ultrasound tech and my OB are acting like I'm the fattest woman to ever be pregnant-I've seen larger pregnant woman then me in my OB's office. I'm finding this all so frustrating as I'm losing weight while pregnant, not gaining (which is good), I don't have any major health issues aside from pre exsisting asthma which isn't very active or bothersome right now. Just feeling really upset right now, I've excepted my size, while trying to be healthy and active and steadly lose weight in a healthy way and yet I'm feeling kind of shafted by my health care professionals. 
Anyone understand where I'm coming from?